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[pct-l] Another Australian aiming for 2002

Re: getting from Los Angeles Int'l Airport to San Diego - Phil, is there a
flight directly from Australia to San Diego?  Failing that, you can likely
pick up a shuttle flight to get you to San Diego.  I just looked at the
United Airlines site, and for a mere 200.00 U.S. you can fly for another
hour (after all, what's another hour after you've just spent 20+ getting
here...) to San Diego.

This is the link for United (I'm feeling helpful, being a Los Angeles county
resident...) http://www.ual.com/site/homepage/0,10029,,00.html

If you want something more scenic, but not necessarily cheaper, you can
attempt to take the train to San Diego.  I'm not sure of the details, but
I've done it once and it's a nice 3 hour ride from downtown L.A.  How you
get there from the airport - here's a link to our local transit authority's
trip planner: http://www.mta.net/ and the AMTRAK San Diego train schedule
website:  http://www.amtrakwest.com/sanindex.html .

You have lots of choices - but if you can avoid the bus you're better off.
To be most efficient (and get on the trail soonest, and (shameless plug) get
to the ADZPCTKO on April 27, fly to San Diego a couple of days before then.
There's more info in the archives and I'm sure on the pct website for
getting from San Diego to Campo.  There are even sympathetic hikers around
who'll give you a ride....