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[pct-l] Another Australian aiming for 2002


Long time lurker, first time poster.  This list is an excellent resource for
remote planners such as myself.  It seems if I have a question, it has
already been answered or will be in a day or two, which is good

My current plans are to start the PCT either late April or late May,
depending on work committments (and snow).  

And so a couple of questions.

Whats an easy way to get from Los Angeles airport to San Diego ?
And how long would it take ?
I'm guessing it's from airport to LA bus depot then bus, wasting a day.
My plans are to resupply as I go, but I will have to do a few days in SD to
get a parcel or two out and setup my drift box.

I have thought about hiring a car for a day or two and hand delivering some

thanks in advance 

Phil Preston, 
Artificial Intelligence Research Group, Computer Science and Engineering
University of New South Wales,          Sydney Australia