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[pct-l] Lone Pine lodging

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We enjoyed the Dow Villa Hotel, too.  Last June I arrived there by bus after 
dark, and in the morning I was astounded with the fantastic views of 
snow-capped mountains, including Whitney, as I looked out the large picture 
window of the lobby area.  They were helpful in finding us a shuttle to the 
trail, as well.


> Hey DP!  There's only one place a hiker should stay in Lone Pine.  That's 
> the 
> Dow Villa Hotel.  Stay in the old hotel, not the motel of the same name 
> next 
> door.  Lots of memorabilia and atmosphere, especially if you're a John 
> Wayne 
> fan.  Just a great place to relax, and the chairs in the lobby are 
> comfortable.  Cheap, too!  

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