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[pct-l] Bug repellant (was bivy bags)

If you're primarily putting the bug repellant on your clothes, you might 
want to consider Permethrin (Permanone?).  This is something you either wash 
into or spray on your clothing.  It works for a couple of weeks - even 
through washings supposedly.  For a long distance hike, you would bounce it, 
not carry it.

I've never used the stuff but did get these suggestions this past spring.  I 
hope to give it a try this year or maybe just use it next year on the PCT.

Then you can reserve the DEET for what little bit of exposed skin you have 

For people who don't rely on clothing as any sort of barrier, I would still 
rely on DEET for skin applications.  Use 35% or so where that's enough, but 
I know there are places where only 100% will keep the bugs at bay.


>From: "Reynolds, WT" <reynolds@ilan.com>
>Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 11:41:24 -0800
>...I find
>that a light dusting on my clothes is sufficient to ward off mosquitoes. 
>100% stuff does also but also wards off my wife. The difference is that the
>Jungle Juice doesn't apply well to clothes so the bugs bite right through
>the lightweight clothes that I favor.

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