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[pct-l] Re: bivy bags


RE: the herbal stuff don't work, neither. 100% Deet Rules

This is NOT my experience.  I find that 22-28% DEET aerosol spray works
BETTER and is more WEIGHT EFFECTIVE than Jungle Juice [100% DEET]. I find
that a light dusting on my clothes is sufficient to ward off mosquitoes. The
100% stuff does also but also wards off my wife. The difference is that the
Jungle Juice doesn't apply well to clothes so the bugs bite right through
the lightweight clothes that I favor. For my face I carry a mosquito net
that also doubles as many other things. However, someone as cleaver as Carol
would build a net into the hat.

I have looked at putting the 100% stuff into a small mechanical pump bottle.
This may work but the D@%N pumps always seem to fail and not provide the
light dusting I am looking for. I would also like to point that DEET is
nasty stuff and minimizing its use is good. Incredible as it may sound,
Monte was as intelligent and good looking as Strider before using DeeT.

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I hiked with two different indiviguals who used bivy

The problem I will always remember is when we hit the
Sierras, and the mosquitos were ravenous, they had
very little room in their bivy sacks to escape. While
some of us could throw everything into our tents,
cook...god forbid, clean up, sit up, read, etc, they
were very limited in their nightime enjoyments.

Never enter the Sierras without Very Adequate Mosquito
protection. One young man even hiked with his mouth
open..."They bite me, I'm gonna bite 'em back!" he

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