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[pct-l] PCT resupply

If you are careful with what food you carry and how you package your food you can do it. You won't be able to carry lots of food, but you can carry sufficient food. If you wait until after the passes are clear of snow you increase your chances of success.

Marcia and I did JMT in 98 and 99, and PCT in 2000. We carried a Garcia
bear container all the way on all three hikes. We did 16 mile days in 98,
and 18 mile days in 99. The PCT was very different because we had lots of
snow in all the passes and monster water crossings. We haven't figured out
what our mileage was in that stretch - but I doubt it was over 16 miles per day.

For both JMT's we planned on 14 days from Happy Isles (Yosemite Valley) to Whitney Portal with a re-supply at VVR. We carried a bear container with food for 2 people for 6 days from Happy Isles to VVR. The first day is
outside the bear cannister - so really 5 days food for 2 people in the
cannister. We re-supplied at VVR with 8 days food and went out over Mt
Whiney. Both times we had food to spare.

On the PCT we carried 10 days food for 2 people from Kennedy Meadows to VVR. This time we had 2 days + some extras outside the cannister. By the time we got to Sequoia NP all the food was in the cannister. (We finished off the cookies after seeing our first bear just south of Sequoia). We arrived at VVR with a roll of Lifesavers.

We shopped a lot to see what meals had the highest calories and smallest
volume and weight. We then re-packaged all the meals into ziplock bags and took ALL the air out of them. I stuffed the meals into the cannister and pushed hard to get all the food in. We didn't take food out until we needed it, because we would have had a struggle to get it back into the cannister.


> i hiked the jmt in 99 and made it from vvr to kearsarge pass with out
resupply at JM Trail ranch.  we covered 20 miles per day and made it to
whitney portal with a resupply in Independence (over kearsarge pass) in 6
 Re: PCT resupply
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 13:45:13 +0900
> >
> >I am entering the PCT from Cottonwood Pass south of Lone Pine skipping Mt.
> >Whitney. I am concerned about resupply at VVResort. According to my
> >calculations, it would take nine days at 16 miles per day (using Craig's
> >Planner formula of 2.5 miles per hour for eight hours walking per day) to
> >reach VVR. Now my final destination in TM but I am wondering if it is
> >practical for two people with one bear cannister to make it nine days to
> >VVR without resupply at Muir Ranch. It's certainly worth skipping if it
> >not hiker friendly and VVR is only another 20 miles away. This is my
> >experience with resupply points and using a cannister for more than a
> >weekend trip. By the way, where can I buy a "Bearikade" cannister which
> >either larger or lighter somewhat? Thanks.
> >
> >Tokio John

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