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[pct-l] TNF Slickrock


We've been trying out the North Face Slickrock. It's a cross between 
a single and double tent wall design. On one side it's single wall, 
with only a 'bikinitop' to provide some extra ventilation and on the 
other side it is netting with a 'half outer tent'. This half is 
called 'batwings'. It has two huge entrances. No vestibule to speak 
of, only big enough for your shoes... The tent is only 1,8 kilo, 
which is not bad for a tent sleeping two of moderate length easily. 
If you're not ready to quite quit your tent for a tarp, it's not a 
bad alternative. We've bought ours for 275 Canadian dollars in 
Vancouver. It rolls up to the size of a thermarest, including the 
poles that fold up very small.

Jan Heideveld & Saskia Daru