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[pct-l] PCT Maintenance - Slide Shows


When you-all PCT "dreadnoughts" are snuggling in at Christmastime with
your nice warm computers, please check out SLIDE SHOWS of exotically
named but, to me now familiar spots of trail upon which you also briefly
regaled during your north- or southbound romps within CA Regions 1, 2,
3, and on which us old farts (also uh, fart-ies?) spent a week per
project doing trail maintenance during this past summer.

http://www.trailvolunteer.com/  click on "Gallery" then click on a
familiar trail location name.

We had a lot of fun doing trail maintenance. I love doing my
pay-back-time trail work! My first ever PCTA trail repair experience was
at Pete's Joshua Tree Spring bash this past April, and it can be seen in
the Gallery. We're going to do the same again and again, but the
locations will be where we learn that the trail's needs are the
greatest. Please tell us what parts of the PCT need the effort next
year. Brush? already old downfall? tread erosion? whatever. Where are
these problems in my area (Sierra); or north or south of me - I'll get
that info to Pete or to JoAnn. We want to ascertain next year's PCT
priorities. (Brush near Hamp Williams Pass? Gotcha! we cleaned that out
in October!) Just a reminder: PCTA volunteers work with the agencies; we
have to of course, and guess where they most often get their trail
conditions info... It's from you folks.

So now, Merry Christmas to all you PCT hiker-"dreadnoughts"! And I
really enjoy reading your communiques in PCT-L.

"Campy" - who is now your not-so-damp-behind-the-ears PCTA CA Region 2
Trail Coordinator (Kennedy Mdws to Echo Summit).

"Time spent on trail work shall not be deducted from your life."