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[pct-l] Fireball defense

When I absolutely have to prime my stove in the tent I 
put my windscreen over the burner and fold it tight as
a shield leaving just sufficient room to get a match into
the now shielded stove.. theory being the fireball will be
mostly contained within the windscreen hood.

Never had a fireball so don't know if it works for real..
It has been tested outside with extra fuel in the primer
cup and the xconsequent blaze was contained within the shield
long enuf for me to throw a wet rag over the stove to smother


At 12:08 PM 12/21/01 EST, Bighummel@aol.com wrote:
  The stove suddenly fireballed into the guy priming it, burning 
>his eye lashes, brows and the front of his hair, and igniting the roof of the 
>tent.  He instinctively rolled back and out of the door of the tent.  The 
>other guy