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[pct-l] Sierra Bear lore!

Man, is Monte trolling or what?! User fees, oil politics and now bear 
canisters. Maybe pro drilling advocats should proudly carry bear canisters 
shaped like 55 gallon oil drums and those opposed  to fees could carry a 
canister that spouts off anti NPS slogans, Furby-like, whenever a pesky park 
ranger comes near. (badge operated?)
  There must be dozens of designer bear canisters to suit the attitude, 
status and opinion of just about every backpaker alive, not to mention fake 
foam rubber "mascot" ones and one that inflates and doubles as a pillow
   How about a pack that doubles as a canister- maybe one piece of molded, 
box - shaped super strong, ultralite plastic with snap on compartments and 
lids, and with a state of the art suspension system - all at under 4 pounds. 
Are you listening Mr. Kelty?