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[pct-l] Sierra Bear lore!

 Bully Garbage bears left to destroy camps at will soon find a answer to each 
puzzle we present to them. Each bear proof this or that will soon be 
defeated. It will just take one female bear to crack a canister like an egg 
on a rock and teach her cubs and the gig is up. Canisters will join the heap 
of all the other ' Bear Proof" wigits. An air horn is light and you don't 
need to be a good shot. Sleep with your food . You can set up a little trip 
wire with light fishing line using your pots and cups. At the sound of your 
pots , hit the horn. I am a firm believer in fighting for your food. If more 
hikers did, bears may learn to fear man once again. As a society, we have 
become so docile and don't defend anything. ( The Government or someone else 
will defend us) Wristrockets and pepperspray make stolen pop tarts go down 
not as well. Don't be a Wallflower Pansey for the bears!!!