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[pct-l] Sea to Sea trail(s)

I have been doing a little research on the Sea to Sea Trail.  The Pacific
Northwest Trail (which I will be attempting this year) is about 30 percent
+/- roads, mostly lightly traveled.  Then you hit the CDT to the Lewis and
Clark Trail on which I can find no information  except for car exploration.
If someone knows of further info on that section I would appreciate any
input. At Lake Sakakawea in ND, you hit the North Country Trail.
Unfortunately for me most of the North Country Trail is hiker only except
for ND.  From what I can figure out about 30 percent of that entire trail is
also roads.  It does sound intriguing however.  Being able to go from coast
to coast is always a challenge if you don't want to hit major cities and
major highways.
Happy Trails
Crest Rider  (in dreaming/planning mode again)