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[pct-l] Sea to Sea trail(s)

Monte wrote:
>The Sea to Sea trail offers much more on par with a PCT or CDT hike than 
>the American Discovery Trail. The Sea to Sea trail is basicly finished with 
>only a few 30 mile here and there spots  the hike between trails already 

>What it needs is a few people to hike it so it can get Federal Funding like 
>the triple crown trails. 6,500 miles in one year may have been impractical 
>a few years ago, but with Brian doing a 7,400 hike, the Sea to Sea 
>Transcontinental is possible. This promises to be a mostly wilderness trip 
>that sees the Cascades, Rockies and Appalachian Mts. in a West East route.

Monte -
Gotta take a look at this one - but I suspect it's a lot less "wilderness" 
right now than you think.  Someday though ----

Also keep in mind that it's along the northern tier - and weather will be a 
LARGE factor.

Don't forget the Trans-Canada Trail - a friend of ours did most of the main 
trunk last year (all but about 200 miles).  The whole TCT is billed at 
17,250 km (over 10K miles), but that includes several "branches" one of 
which goes way up into the Yukon.  Downside is that it's a "multi-use" 
trail, mostly for snowmobile use.

Walk softly - and longly,

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