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[pct-l] New subject - Water?

Seven of us will be backpacking from Idyllwild on the Deer Springs Trail
to San Jacinto. We are leaving the trail head at 7 in the morning, and
will be camping at Little Round Valley. The ranger said the spring there
has water but the flow is low. Does anyone have current experience there?
Can we get water or does it take all day to fill a 2 liter bladder? We
plan on going up to the summit on Sunday and coming down the other side
through Wellman Divide and joining the PCT again through Strawberry
Cienega back to the Deer Spring Trail and down that for a partial loop
(eyelet?). The ranger said Strawberry Cienega was also flowing but "very
low flow"

FYI - I will be taking "Monsters" Pop Tarts, PayDay (6 g. of protein, no
chocolate - doesn't melt on hot days), beef jerky, Sam's club trail mix
and for a feast at camp - Mac & Cheese with canned chicken mixed in it. 

I will be trying out my new 20 deg. down bag (Campmore - $110; 2 lb 4 oz)
and Slumberjack AirLite Shorty self inflating pad (1 lb 9 oz; $17) that I
just got today.