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HMMMM.... Re: [pct-l] Marathons in the Wilderness

A marathon ss about 26.2 miles. No one mentioned running the
entire JMT.. you must read the posts b4 u reply, eh? yes com'padre?


At 12:16 PM 11/1/01 EST, CMountainDave@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 11/1/01 6:28:13 AM, calliger@infolane.com writes:
><< Marathons would fall under the day hike quota auspices..
>and thereffore not subject to quotas >>
>So you're going to run the entire 220 mile JMT in one day??
> Once again, I have no problem with Brain's hike. If that was his dream, so 
>be it. My concern is that racing thru wilderness areas to set records has 
>been publicized and romanticized and will bring more special interest 
>pressure on officials to allow organized races in them to the detriment of 
>other non organized users. The marathon that was held in the Olympics was a 
>one day deal, but was still banned because it DID end up exceeding day use 
>limits even though no special permit was required ala Mt. Whitney. The trail 
>had no problem with overuse prior to the marathon