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HMMMM.... Re: [pct-l] Marathons in the Wilderness

In a message dated 11/1/01 6:28:13 AM, calliger@infolane.com writes:

<< Marathons would fall under the day hike quota auspices..
and thereffore not subject to quotas >>

So you're going to run the entire 220 mile JMT in one day??
 Once again, I have no problem with Brain's hike. If that was his dream, so 
be it. My concern is that racing thru wilderness areas to set records has 
been publicized and romanticized and will bring more special interest 
pressure on officials to allow organized races in them to the detriment of 
other non organized users. The marathon that was held in the Olympics was a 
one day deal, but was still banned because it DID end up exceeding day use 
limits even though no special permit was required ala Mt. Whitney. The trail 
had no problem with overuse prior to the marathon