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[pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #295 - 9 msgs

HI Everyone, 

I am finally able to receive and participate in the
list again. My pc was blasted away into tiny cyber
fragments, and so thats why its been awhile.

I sure enjoyed, and was challenged by the PCT this
year. Rainmaker and I finished at Manning on Sept.
18th. I regret to say our links at the PCTA site are
incorrect. Our host server went out of buisness, so
the new site, 


has our journals there. I had some really close
encounters with snakes, bears, and creeks. What a

Hi to all my 2001 hiking friends, please contact me if
you are home, and see this. I have met alot of folks
while hiking on the PCT, who knew me just from reading
my journal. Now, that is Way Cool. 

Good luck on all tent designers...gear innovators and
your creative endeavors. Its really rewarding to have
your gear make the entire trip, and still be useable
for the next. 

May the trail gods make it all possible for you and


A  taste of the wilderness is better than a platter of civilization. To walk in the wilderness is freedom--
Please note the change of website address.  Thank you.

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