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[pct-l] Titanuim verse Aluminum Pots and burner height

 Just was reading a graph done with a trangia stove that suggested Alum. pots 
boil faster than Titanuim. Test uses same 500 cc's of water and two pots of 
simular design and 68 degree water. Tests show the Alum beat the Tita. pot by 
over 1 minute and 20 seconds. Second part of test shows as pot is raised 
above burner, boil times were faster. Stock height was 20mm above burner , 
then increased to 38mm. The test were dramatic!!! ( Only down side is your 
flame is more easily disrupted by wind and creates a catch 22)  With a good 
windscreen though, this may be solved.  Maybe 80% of PCT carry the same 1.4 
liter pot made of Titanuim. Aluminum may exchange heat better than Titanuim. 
( The down side may be you can't remember your name. ( You Know, the rumor 
about Alum. use and Alheizmers!!)