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[pct-l] Brian in the news again

The Monday San Jose Mercury mentioned that he has 137 miles to go and
will tackle Katahdin with crampons and ropes if necessary.   No more
ultralight I guess.

The Mercury's online archives seem to be messed up for Monday.
The print article said they would publish daily updates from now on,
without explaining where they'd get that information.     They did
publish Roy's new URL, which shows Brian completing this Saturday.

Maybe I'll celebrate that day by completing section M, if the weather is
still good!   It takes less to challenge some of us!    Well I did DRIVE
through Challenge, CA, for the first time this morning.

On the subject of purity mentioned a while back, I suppose one could vow 
to through-hike 
without staying in any permanent shelter and by traveling
to resupply entirely on foot - just the PCT, that's hard enough.
Or better yet, resupplying only with what's
available to purchase along the way - no post office or ups packages!
That would be very pure - purely impossible I suppose, but 30 years ago
most of us would have thought impossible what Brian is now doing.
Maybe the support systems will eventually fall into place as the economics
justify them - 30 years ago who would have believed that 200-300 people a year
would finish a PCT through-hike?