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[pct-l] New "Border To Border" Category

I'm working on a new section for PCT TrailQuest that will be called =
"Border To Border Hiking".  The pages will be used to aid those who are =
planning a thru-hike or other long distance hike of the PCT.    I expect =
the new pages to be up within 2 - 4 weeks.

One of the categories will be "E-Mail A 2,600 Miler".  If you have hiked =
from Mexico to Canada (either by section-hiking or thru-hiking), and =
would like to answer questions from others who are planning their own =
hike, please let me know.  I'll need to know your name (real name, cyber =
name or trail name) and the e-mail address you'd like used.

Also, if anyone has comments or suggestions concerning the content of =
this new section (what to leave in / what to leave out), please let me =
know.  You can send comments to me at:
rainmaker@rabun.net .

David Mauldin

To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom


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