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[pct-l] Hobbit's success

Proud to have been able to pick up; feed; lodge and help catch Amtrak -  =
Hobbit, AKA, Tom Rogers.

He got rained out Monday night/Tuesday a.m., big-'n-bad, around the =
Carter Meadows area after having 'slept' in about 8" of rain. I know =
he'll tell the List all about it.

Suffice to say, he is now dry, as is all his gear, and he's heading out =
very early Thursday a.m. for home.  Thanks to my husband, Emory, for =
providing the transportation. We seem to have a good system to offer =
hikers: Emory picks them up and brings them home; I see that guest bed =
and bathrooms are clean and ready; feed everyone; help w/drying/cleaning =
gear and the use of the washer and dryer; and then, Emory helps =
w/transportation again.  Ask Tom if our system works...hope so.


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