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[pct-l] OK, I'll Bite!!!

 Filters??? Humm? I 've used a sweetwater for 5 years with no trouble , as 
long as you just buy a new cartridge each season. It filters a bit smaller 
stuff than a pur and the lever hande is easier to pump than a pur . Check off 
the backpacker buyers guide which showing how small stuff each one does. The 
sweetwater comes with a small brush to clean filter when it starts to get 
plugged. ( Or just use your partner's toothbush!!) Also pump starts spitting 
out water from side hole to show it is time to swap out. Most PCT thru-hikers 
filter water only as far as the Sierra's, by which time their first cartridge 
is toast anyway, then just use chemicals thereafter.        Free concert at 
Crater Lake may have been brought on by accidentally drinking fuel for my 
alcohol stove carried in unmarked water bottle. ( But not Jack Daniels for