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[pct-l] Tarpent Update & Website Move

This is to announce that I have posted a major update to my Tarptent site 
and that the site has moved to:


(thanks to Apple Computer for providing the Mac community with free web 

The site update consists of more photos, printable patterns, plans for 
beaks and floors, and a new design for a 2-person version: the 
Tarptent-for-2.  Thanks to Ron Moak (and others who have e-mailed their 
requests for a 2-person version) for his inadvertent 
nudging-by-implementation to get the thing built.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.  Time permitting, I can 
probably build a few for those who are interested.

<Rant On>
I would have preferred not to move the site but Earthlink is killing my 
web space as part of their purchase of JPS/Onemain and is not leaving a 
forwarding address.  They have kindly provided me with 10 MB of new 
webspace with which I'm supposed to stuff my 17 MB site.  Gee, thanks 
<Rant Off>


Henry Shires

ps Those of you who have links to my site (both tarptent & PCT journal), 
please update your sites to reflect the new link(s).  The existing site 
on www.jps.net is going away on September 22.  Sorry about that (see Rant