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[pct-l] pct-2002

hello pct listers:
   the recent sporadic reports of successful finishers from the "class
of 2001" usually prompts email activity from next year's thru-hikers.  
   who's going?
   how are you hiking [south/north or north south] and if the former,
when are you starting [adzpctako]? 
   how are you hiking [lightweight, stove or cold,
   what are you carrying/wearing [newest gear: packs, clothing, shoes,
canisters, sticks, cameras (film vs. digital) ad nausium]? 
   navigation: guidebook and/or maps?

blaze in albuquerque, 2002  [starting at campo, lightweight, cold [!],
frogtoggs, nb 803s, "tracks" poles, 35mm film, wilderness press books
with supplements from "hikertrash's" excellent map downloads]. [all
learned thanks to THIS list.]