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[pct-l] wave of pct hikers hits ...

I shuttled some thru hikers from Yosemite valley back
to Tuolumne Meadows yesterday (they wanted to finish
the JMT and see the valley).  They were: Brawny, Ben,
and Daybreak.  Brawny mentioned that Lightning Bolt
was hiking really fast, and is probably quite a ways
north of here. Also saw a few more thrus- Alexa,
Citrus and some others (missed the names). I printed
and shared Carl's report with them (it was a big
hit!)They all seem to be doing well and are loving the
trail. I sure enjoyed hearing about their adventures. 
It sounds like a bunch more will be passing through in
the next few days. The mosquitoes are starting to be a
bother and there was a search on for 100% Deet (seems
that the stores in the area only have 29%?). Another
note - the hiker box at TM is pretty empty and the PCT
register is missing this year...
--- tim shaffer <leyenbrecher@hotmail.com> wrote:
> "lightnin' bolt" [an adzpctko starter] wasn't
> mentioned ... anyone seen him 
> recently?
> blaze
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