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[pct-l] call for itineraries through lake strewn wilderness for apost-frost fall backpack

Since I got no takers at a dime, I guess I have to change my asking price for
my original ursack to a nickel....

Carl Siechert wrote:

> > ps- From what I have been reading bear cannisters or double ursacks are
> mandatory
> > this year inb SEKI NP????
> Not everywhere in SEKI--just all the good places! Like most of the area on
> that wonderful North Lake to South Lake trip, including Dusy Basin and JMT
> south of Muir Pass. More specifics on the SEKI web site, but it seems to be
> down at the moment.
> And "double Ursack" can't be two of the old crummy ones; the only version
> legally approved is Ursack Ultra.
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