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[pct-l] call for itineraries through lake strewn wilderness for apost-frost fall backpack

I agree with Tom and Rich, you just can't go wrong with the jmt southbound.
Infact I am doing that trip Tom R described....Bishop Pass to Whitney in August.
I don't think Desolation or Sonora come close to the jmt either. But, everyone
has there own favorite places.
Tom Hopkins in Sacramento
ps- From what I have been reading bear cannisters or double ursacks are mandatory
this year inb SEKI NP????
I have a regular Ursack for sale: how abut ten cents:-((

"R.J.Calliger" wrote:

> I forgot about this area Tom- ...I agree it is close to being the best-- A
> side trip
> up to Cloudripper will get you into a beautiful lake with NO bears-
> they hang around the Basin...
> Mt Sill is a *tough* walk-up-- ie, Class 2, but doable easily if you
> take an extra day. The views are *VERY* much worth the climb.
> See Secor, if you don't have that guidebook- his is the best (well-
> just becasue my name is in it doesn't mean a thing!!)...
> Rich Callliger
> At 11:41 AM -0800 6/21/01, Reynolds, WT wrote:
> >Probably the best single loop in the Sierra is the North Lake to South Lake
> >loop out of Bishop. You will be within 300 yards of water almost everywhere.
> >A more agressive approach is to continue past LeConte Canyon southward up
> >the Golden Starecase to Palisade Lake, then take the x-country over several
> >xcountry passes to Dusy Basin. I have heard that Mt. Sill is a walkup but a
> >very tough one.
> >
> >Tom
> >
> >PS: South on the JMT from Tuolumne is also nice as Rich mentioned.
> >
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> >Hi All,
> >
> >Any suggestions for a one-weakish backpack of 10-15mi/day that
> >would lead one through upper elevations (>4000') laced with
> >swimable waters - be they lakes, creeks, ... -  along the PCT
> >or elsewhere in the West?
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Mike
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