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[pct-l] Recreation budget rant/recipes

If the Department of Agriculture and Interior were to have their budgets 
increased by a mere 1/10 of one percent of the total budget, they would have 
more than enough money to run our recreation areas. Or one percent of the 
recent tax cut. Why haven't they got off their dead civil service asses and 
asked for more money? Because the special interests of logging, mining and 
grazing have persuaded them not to. After all, if they had enough tax dollars 
to run their operations there wouldn't be any need to lease out our land to 
special interests. They could also try a little socialism and run the mining, 
grazing, and logging operations themselves. Once again, they'd have ample 
money for their operations and wouldn't even need to consider user fees. 
Also, if they did have enough money, they would then lack one great excuse 
for not getting things done
  On the subject of recipes; someone posted that canned food wasn't "long 
distance food" I beg to differ. I did the entire PCT using canned food. Sorry 
about not being politically correct and using only light weight rip and 
stirs, Lipton noodles, and Cliff bars. Maybe the ultralites should just stick 
a bunch of Ensure into their Platypus hydration systems. That way they 
wouldn't even have to stop while "eating." Remember, Ultra lights a true 
contrarian is someone who refuses to go along with the crowd. That includes 
rebeling against the way Mommy and Daddy did it just to be different. Linda, 
thanks a lot for the recipes to help us cuisinely challenged folks. I bet a 
lot of the rancor is from folks who resent being shown that variety is the 
spice of life and that eating while backpacking CAN be more than just a 
perfunctual task. The non creative are often jealous of the creative. You can 
go backpacking with me ANY time (no bear canister required)