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[pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #169 - 11 msgs

I enjoy, for the most part, the many topics that appear on this list from recipes
to blister mending, etc.  If you rubber stamp every topic that doesn't interest
a certain few, what will you have left?  If someone's willing to go to the trouble
to share trail-related information with the rest of us, I appreciate their efforts.
 I just use the delete key through the topics that don't interest me.  Whether
I agree with the topic or quantity of posts is secondary to a person's right
to post trail-related information.  We have to endure other people's many posts
about topics that are near and dear to their hearts and maybe not someone elses.
 This is a great list and I've picked up a lot of great information here.

Kathy :-)


><< Sorry to hear that you are being harassed.  My subscription 
> dates back a couple of months only, so i'm not up on the 
> evolution of PCT-L.  But at this point, the list seems 
> to be a thru-hiker/trail-angel list and not a general PCT 
> list - at least it appears that way to me. >>
>If Linda has been harrassed about her recipes, it has not been on this PCT

>list.  The responses I've seen have been divided but polite.  I'm on the CDT

>as well as the PCT list, and it seems that the CDT list favors the recipes

>while most on the PCT list lean the other way.  I'm not much interested so
>get to hit the delete button twice.  
>That's not a problem for me, and I believe the recipes are of interest to 

>many.  Maybe more than are interested in alcohol stoves, and I certainly 
>wouldn't want that topic squashed!  So, Linda, post away!
>Mike, the list is thruhiker and trail angel-oriented this time of year 
>because that's what's happening out there right now.  People want to know how

>the hikers are doing, what the trail conditions are, and to read the 
>incredible stories of the highs and lows and help-when-needed along the way.
>At other times of year, this list gets overloaded with trip-planning, 
>equipment, food and ADZPCTKOP discussions.  That's the way it is.  This is

>the place to read about what people are concerned/worried/excited/amazed 
>about on the PCT.  Welcome to the list! 
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