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[pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #169 - 11 msgs

<< Sorry to hear that you are being harassed.  My subscription 
 dates back a couple of months only, so i'm not up on the 
 evolution of PCT-L.  But at this point, the list seems 
 to be a thru-hiker/trail-angel list and not a general PCT 
 list - at least it appears that way to me. >>

If Linda has been harrassed about her recipes, it has not been on this PCT 
list.  The responses I've seen have been divided but polite.  I'm on the CDT 
as well as the PCT list, and it seems that the CDT list favors the recipes 
while most on the PCT list lean the other way.  I'm not much interested so I 
get to hit the delete button twice.  

That's not a problem for me, and I believe the recipes are of interest to 
many.  Maybe more than are interested in alcohol stoves, and I certainly 
wouldn't want that topic squashed!  So, Linda, post away!

Mike, the list is thruhiker and trail angel-oriented this time of year 
because that's what's happening out there right now.  People want to know how 
the hikers are doing, what the trail conditions are, and to read the 
incredible stories of the highs and lows and help-when-needed along the way.  
At other times of year, this list gets overloaded with trip-planning, 
equipment, food and ADZPCTKOP discussions.  That's the way it is.  This is 
the place to read about what people are concerned/worried/excited/amazed 
about on the PCT.  Welcome to the list!