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[pct-l] Campo to Warner!!!

 Had a great time hiking Campo to Warner with old friends PA Jeff, Swiss Miss 
plus new friends Nick , Dave, Oly Dave, Steve, Anne ( Little Miss Muffet!!, 
My pet name for her) and Tony from UK. We were treated like Kings and Queens 
in  Julian  with hot showers, apple pie and burgers!!  Got in a few downhill 
running races with Swiss and Anne who quickly beat my butt. Warner was a big 
breakfast and sad departure. The local cops were very nice this year in 
Warner as well!! I saw 2 rattlers in 110 miles and enjoyed cooler temps than 
last years death march between Scissors and Barrel Springs. *( Last year I 
drank 9 liters compared to only 4 and a half this year.) Made it from Dimond 
Bar to Olympia in 25 hours straight with 3 random hours sleeps in assorted 
rest stops!! Ye Hah, I'm dead tired, It was worth the trouble though , as I 
was able to see many of you folks at the Lake!! , Take care, Monte