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[pct-l] Campo to Warner!!!

<<  Warner was a big breakfast and sad departure. The local cops were very 
nice this year in Warner as well!! >>

It was great to see you and all the other hiker-family again at ADZ3!  And 
good to hear that even WS is growing accustomed to the annual migration.  

Brian called from Big Bear last night.  He's doing well.  276 PCT miles in 
nine days.  There's a big crowd on the lawn at the Big Bear Fire Station.  
For those interested, Fuller Ridge (Mt. San Jacinto) was snowy but passable.  
I'll report on the snow situation around Wrightwood and Baden-Powell as soon 
as I get the info from Brian.  He should arrive at the Sauffley's in Agua 
Dulce next Saturday or Sunday.