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[pct-l] VHSC

Dear Hiking Club Member or Official:


This email is being sent to you hoping it will be of interest to your
club members and to request your help and advice.
My Wife and I operate a small craft business from our retirement home in
the backwoods, located near Meherrin, VA.
We make special order Hiking, Walking sticks, and canes for all

We would request you take a peek at our Web Page:
and inform your club members of our service if you feel our craft may be
useful to the members of your organization.
I would also be interested in any reciprocal linking arrangement to your
club's web page.
If your club has a newsletter could my web page be listed as an
interesting site?
Any feedback comments will be appreciated on how to expand coverage for
our little craft venture to the hiking
world and hiking stick lovers in general.

Warmest regards & Healthful hiking,

 "Stickman Pete & Audrey Micken