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[pct-l] SD Light Year (was Stephenson 2RS)

Jim Serio wrote:
> The SD Ultra Lite Year and Lite Year look to be decent tents
> as well, although a little tight on space. Has anyone used one
> of these?

I used a Light Year for my hike of the CA PCT last summer.  I found it
to be just enough room for me and a bit of gear, clothes, etc.  The
weight is good.  The tent with fly is durable and can be guyed to hunker
down in any wind.  Without the fly the mesh is airy but still keeps out
the critters.  The small vestibule is large enough to cook in, and can
also accomodate my unpacked pack if I want it in out of the weather (the
pack actually leans against the leading edge of the tent so you can
still get in and out of the door).  Best of all, there is enough
headroom to sit up or even kneel inside the tent.