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[pct-l] Manning Prov. Park


>From my knowledge PCT hikers hike to Manning Park Lodge or to one of the
various Campgrounds.  Some get picked up here by car, or you can get a Bus
to Vancouver B.C. or to Seattle WA. I think it is about a 4 hour drive from
Vancouver plus your ferry trip. It is also about a 4 hour drive from Seattle
Manning Park is a great park for camping and day hiking both in the summer
and the winter, I have been on snowshoe hikes to the top of Windy Joe Mtn.
and the PCT passes along the side of this mtn.  The Lodge is a little pricey
for some, same as the dining room.   But a few to a room and the shower
feels great.
Hope this helps,

Marge (the old gal)