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This land is your land, this land is my land


I was just going through a (couple days) old pct list when I noticed this as

part of your letter to Elizabeth:

>As a thruhiker I want to walk on 2700 miles of land that is not mine.

Actually, except for a few-odd miles here and there, mostly in Southern 
California, it _is_ yours (assuming of course that you are an American 
citizen).  It is not your personal private property, but as publicly owned 
land it is yours as much as it is mine or Montedodge's or that stupid 
rancher' s or . . . you get the point . . .
(From the redwood forests, to the gulfstream waters, this land was . . . 
etc. etc. etc.)

Staggerin' Willie
Charter Member of T.H.A.T.H.
(Thru-Hikers Against Thru-Hiking)

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