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Re: [pct-l] Re: Defiant rancher once more loses grazing case,

I've got to disagree with the "self evidently endowed by God" part of that.
Anywhere, any time people lived in communities of 2 or more - right back to
caves, negotiation and/or brute power determined rights. And considering the
vast sweep of human history and religious practice - I also have to ask


"Reynolds, WT" wrote:

> Yep I agree...sadly. Rights used to be selfevidently endowed by God but
> anymore. Now they are a product of human negotiation and, as such, subject
> to modification. My point is Stop arguing about your rights and take the
> wilderness. My weapon? Money!
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> You guys seem to talk about "Rights" as if they were somehow indelible.
> only "Rights" we really have are the ones we take and continue to enforce.
> We live in a quasi Democracy where our "Rights" in any given area, floats
> and down on the prevailing political winds. What you can do today you
> tomorrow and visa versa.
> Our "Rights" are gained either through direct political action (ie
> legislation) or often these days through the courts. We find something we
> find is wrong then disobey the prevailing law. It is then up to the legal
> system to what "Rights" we do or don't have.
> In this case the defiant rancher may simply be asserting his believed
> "Right" and letting the legal system sort it out. If he fails, he'll pay
> consequences.
> At the same time, just because the government passes a law or creates a
> regulation, it doesn't automatically make the law or regulation valid. If
> did, we'd have little need for the justice system. In the case of the
> Permit" program, so far the courts seem to be tossing out any cases that
> actually make it before them. Stating that since it is a Test Case
> it is not technically enforceable.
> Now if you get a ticket and choose to pay it as opposed to taking it to
> court, then you are in fact giving up you're "Rights".
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