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[pct-l] canadian border crossing

how does crossing into canada on the p.c.t. work,permit wise.i have a
friend(let`s call him dubya). now many years ago dubya got arrested for
drunk driving and because of this youthfull indescetion he has been denied
entrance to canada on a couple of different occasions.now dubya is planning
a p.c.t. hike and dubya dos`nt relish the thought of hitting the border then
turning around to hike 100 or so miles back to rainy pass when manning park
and bus service is so close.now dubya would never do anything against the
law but just hypothetically, say dubya for some reason couldnt make it back
to rainy pass,and was forced to continue on into canada and the greyhound
stop.is there anyone who would ask dubya for his permits? and lets say,
dubya ,after this long wilderness journey was`nt quite ready to interact
with his fellow man right away is there a trail or cutoff could he take to
ensure his solitude?, dubya would like to make his transition to
civilazation as low key  as possible.

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