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RE: [pct-l] canadian border crossing

Big Brother is out in the open now. We don't have the rule of law. We have
the rule of Judge. I expect the Florida ruling to affect judges everywhere,
encouraging them to essentially "make" laws. 

What is the effect on the PCT? 

First, narrow restrictions like the bear canister restriction in
Sequoia-Kings Canyon, could be arbitrarly broadened to the detriment of
backpackers. On the other hand, relatively narrow restrictions on ecological
damage could be broadened to the benefit of the trail. 

Second, businessmen, mostly Republicans, like to know the rules. Courts
making "laws" will unsettle them. [As opposed to Al Gore who does not]
Prospective thruhikers hoping to take a leave of absence or quit a job,
hoping for a strong job market in October 2001 are very likely to be

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