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RE: [pct-l] Re: Defiant rancher once more loses grazing case, may now go to jail

At 8:14 AM -0800 11/20/00, Reynolds, WT wrote:
>A difference between parks and profit? Is there? For a hundred years it was
>open range in America. Citizens could do whatever they wanted on public
>lands. Remember the cattle versus sheep wars of about 100 years ago?

Guess that slipped my mind..I was too busy then getting the crops in :)
>As a thruhiker I want to walk on 2700 miles of land that is not mine. The
>land is immensely valuable I want it to stay relatively undeveloped but
>accessable to me. If I take the attitude that this wonderfull experience is
>a privilige and not a right I will walk a lot farther.

I agree with your \premise Tom; however I kinda think this is a right we
have-- my logic is very simple- when we go to the store we buy something
with our hardearned money- say some fruit..we EXPECT that fruit to be
fresh and not spoiled. Why? Are we spoiled in America? No! We pay our
taxes and support a government that has an FDA and FTC! There job
is to set standards for fresh food, in part. We expect them to do there job
and they usually do :) for the most part. Thus in conclusion we have
paid for a service and it is our right in a business contract to get that
service in full- for having had paid for it- in full- ie, quid pro quo, simple
as that.   Therefore by entering into a contract we have gone way past
it being a "privilege" to get fresh fruit. If it is not fresh we can go back
to Ralhps, A & P, IGA, or Safeway and get our money back or new fruit that
is fresh.
This is thus a right to us, no longer just a "simple" privilege.

Now, with our taxes we are paying for the Forrest Service to take care of
our land! (It is OUR land- we are citizens and we paid for it just as we
bought the fresh fruit at the store!)

So I expect the government to do their job and if they don't I will
vote for Nadar or Gore!  Or whomever... It is my right now, as you will
read on your permit- you have entered into an exclusive contract
with the government as the  FS likes to say- your permit is non-transferrable
\has time limits and space limits-- ie, it is a full-fledged contract =
quid pro quo for a thru hike.

Therefore it is a right now!

(and that brings me back to horses.. our contract is being violated by overuse
and no horse quotas-- so if u have not sent me you name please do- to sign
a reasonable petition to request the FS for horse quotas (not a ban- so
don't flame me-- just a quota like we have for people!)

Now I will get off my small soap box! (After all we are a capitalist society
that runs on contractual agreements- handshakes, legal docs or trail
permits!  I take the attitude it is my land- I walk better, take care of it,
don't trash it and protect it!


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