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Re: [pct-l] PCT and politics

But what about private  corporations making a PROFIT from wilderness that is

NOT put back into the wilderness. Do we just stand back and have the
that "Hey everyone has a right to earn a dollar". The miners will be right 
behind saying we want to make some money too ,then the loggers and so on and

so on . The bottom line in the commercialzation of our public lands is going

to be maximizing profit and minimizing expenses, just like any other 
business. Once the commercialization genie is out of the bottle there will
no going back.And I already pay my share through entrance fees and income 
tax. Anyone has the CHOICE of using the trails in our wildernesses
through public funds. Thank God most people CHOOSE not to exercise that 
option, but nothing but quotas are keeping them out. There is another option

for us if we can't agree on who should be and who are paying for trail 
maintenance. Just let the trails go, get rid of the backcountry rangers and 
other overhead associated with backcountry use and let the cross country 
backpackers have at it after they have paid their income taxes and entrance 
fees. That option is fine by me.
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