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[pct-l] still say no Presidential politics

I don't really care what any of you think of me (R.J. Calliger, who was
so forward as to have written me at my home, and, then on this site,
also; you're the kind we politely hang up on when they call at dinner
time) I just know no one brought up the Presidential election
(minimally, I should say) until it became a history making event. Now so
very many of you men feel you have the answers to everything. Well, you
don't. And neither do I. I didn't tell you who I want for President, and
I don't want to know who you want to win. Brick has already commented as
have some others about Presidential political conversations. Remember
the old saying about "politics, race and religion". If you are too young
to have heard it or are simply ignoring it, either way, don't forget,
the saying is still applicable. They don't mix well with general

JoAnn Michael
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