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[pct-l] re:Kick Off

So Greg...

Can a '99 section hiker still come to ADZPCTKO even if
she's working full time and so won't be able to  do any
long distance hiking for a while now? I don't want to get
completely out of the loop even if I'm now more of an
observer than a PCT hiker.

For all you 1999ers... I spoke with Lindy Lindberg last
week, an hour after he had completed the CDT. That's 2 in
2 years for him. PCT in '99 and CDT in '00. He had a
great time and sent me a photo of him at the Mexican
Border. The class of '99 is going strong!

Congratulations to all the 2000 hikers, section or through, completed or
not. You rock!

Namaste, margo  (Maggot)

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