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>From: "Mara Factor" <m_factor@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: [pct-l] Water bottles
>I've also been concerned about durability issues when it comes to 
>soda/Gatorade bottles and even many of the commercial Platypus, etc. bags.  
>While these can be easily and inexpensively replaced should they spring a 
>leak, what happens if they spring a leak when you still have a couple of 
>days where you need to be able to carry a lot of water before you can 
>replace them?

Platypus patches and duck tape. But has anyone accidently dropped a
frozen or partially frozen water bottle and had it shatter (and I'm
not talking about Nalgene's hard plastic bottle either)? No amount of
duck tape could repair such a mess.


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