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>>From: Jim <pcthiker@onemain.com>
>>Subject: [pct-l] Toulomne to Sonora
>>A friend of mine and i are planning a section hike the second week of

>From: CharlieJones@aol.com
>If you visit this section anytime other than the 2nd week of August, take an 
>ice ax and snow camping gear (tents; no tarps). Most is above 8K feet with 
>some stretches above 10K.

Actually October is a wonderful time to do this trail (anyplace in the
Sierra in October is great by me). I have done this portion of the PCT
several times and always in late September and early October. The
Emigrant Wilderness, which you will be skirting, is my Fall/Winter
playground because it's easy to enter Yosemite even after the Park has
closed 120.

I prefer doing this trail from south to north because the last little
section to Sonora Pass is quite a climax to the trip and, secondly,
it's far easier to hitchhike from Sonora Pass back to Toulomne Meadows
than the other way around.

As for snow, it's true you may experience some, and this year has been
particularly unusual, but I've hiked into Grace Meadows as late as
early December and have never had extreme snow condition (and yes I'm

The snow I've experienced in the early and late Fall is mostly fluff
and no ice axe is needed (until Spring). If you carry a hiking pole(s)
they would be sufficient enough to keep you from slipping on snow
dusted granite or coming off a snow covered Sonora Pass.

I use a tarp and a bivy even in the Winter by the way.

Dorothy Lake can get very windy. I think the Bond Pass area is one of
those natural Sierra wind funnels. If you're not burning miles, which
it sounds like you will be, Stubblefield Canyon is a wonderful
excursion; so is Haystack Peak.

Have fun! October is a great backpacking month and fortunately few
people know it. ;-)


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