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[pct-l] hiker harassment

I think we can be our own worst enemy coming into civilization after
being on the trail for a while. It is very tempting to "take a bath" in
a sink in a grocery store restroom or a city park. But, sometimes there
are consequences. I was hiking past the Donner Pass rest area off of
I-80 on the PCT in July and decided to stop and clean up a litte and
refill my water bottles before I camped in Round Valley. I came off of
the trail and out of the woods...a woman sitting at a picnic table took
one look at me and picked up her cell phone!!! I guess I was quite a
sight. I try to ask other hikers or get info on this list as to what
business want our business and which ones don't. 
My opinion only
Happy Trails
Tom in Sacramento
ps....Has anyone been in Desolation Wilderness this week[or passed by
Eccho Summit on Hwy 50]? I am going on a backpacking trip up there next
week and heard there might be some snow from last weeks storm.
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