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Re: [pct-l] Go-Lite Gear

Doug- I was in Berkeley last week and saw some of the Go-Lite stuff at
Marmot Mountain Works. The Breeze[pack] is well made, probably stronger
than the GVP G4. But, it is not nearly as hiker friendly for a number of
reasons. The most important, like Tom Reynolds said, is that is doesn't
have a waist belt. That would really limit your comfort and load. I
carried almost 30lbs including a bear cannister this year in a G4 and
was pretty comforable. My base pack is around 12 lbs and the G4 works
great for my purposes...even with a week's food it is fairly
As far as the tarp goes...by the time you use a ground cloth and bug
net[absolutely necessary in some areas of the Sierra] you could use a
single person tent and be in the same weight range. I have modified my
Eureka Gossamer tent and carry it now at 2lbs 13oz. 
Tom in Sacramento
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