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Re: [pct-l] Trailmix Sighted!!!

Since you went to all that trouble of hauling your video camera
out there:

it will be *large* but it would be fun if you posted some of the video
on a web site (not the list! :) ) say maybe 30-40 MB for
those of us wanting to download such things! .mov file
would be could if you can feed it into your computer
and clip out portions...


At 5:59 AM -0800 9/4/00, Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
> Saturday, I hiked up the Surprise Lake trail ( near Stevens Pass ) to "
>Surprise" a few PCT buddys. I caught Trailmix ( Tony D. ) Ark. Dave and
>Mountain Ed ( Organic Grower from Arcadia ) just above Glacier Lake. Had a
>good time laughing and talking eating Pringles. I hauled my old Video camera
>up and got the whole thing on tape. Then hiked over to Deception Lakes ,but
>only saw a few section hikers. The Mountains were fairly sparse for a Labor
>Day Weekend.  It is really getting to be fall! I set up my " Ray Jardine
>Action Tarp" to keep the rain at bay, which began falling the second I got to
>the lakes. By morning , the rain had quit and a nice coat of ice covered
>everything.  ( It's mornings like this that make me want to find a Ralroad
>job around Diamond Bar, Calif. ) Jeff Zimmerman  and crew are roughly a day
>behind Trailmix. and should be in Skykomish today. Saturday morning, I hit
>the old Hotel for pancakes and ran in " Bob Norton" . Bob is an old Forest
>Service trail boss who knows everything about the PCT in his neck of the
>woods. Great guy with a heart of gold who also lets hikers camp in his yard
>and takes in boxes. I f you want to know if someone made it to town yet, talk
>to Bob. I took Jeff's boxes to Bob's place as Jeff will make it to Sky on
>Labor Day and all PO's are closed. Hope to film Jeff and his Gang of Rag Tad
>Warriors Sept 15th at the border as cross and get their trail thoughts on
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