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[pct-l] Trailmix Sighted!!!

 Saturday, I hiked up the Surprise Lake trail ( near Stevens Pass ) to " 
Surprise" a few PCT buddys. I caught Trailmix ( Tony D. ) Ark. Dave and 
Mountain Ed ( Organic Grower from Arcadia ) just above Glacier Lake. Had a 
good time laughing and talking eating Pringles. I hauled my old Video camera 
up and got the whole thing on tape. Then hiked over to Deception Lakes ,but 
only saw a few section hikers. The Mountains were fairly sparse for a Labor 
Day Weekend.  It is really getting to be fall! I set up my " Ray Jardine 
Action Tarp" to keep the rain at bay, which began falling the second I got to 
the lakes. By morning , the rain had quit and a nice coat of ice covered 
everything.  ( It's mornings like this that make me want to find a Ralroad 
job around Diamond Bar, Calif. ) Jeff Zimmerman  and crew are roughly a day 
behind Trailmix. and should be in Skykomish today. Saturday morning, I hit 
the old Hotel for pancakes and ran in " Bob Norton" . Bob is an old Forest 
Service trail boss who knows everything about the PCT in his neck of the 
woods. Great guy with a heart of gold who also lets hikers camp in his yard 
and takes in boxes. I f you want to know if someone made it to town yet, talk 
to Bob. I took Jeff's boxes to Bob's place as Jeff will make it to Sky on 
Labor Day and all PO's are closed. Hope to film Jeff and his Gang of Rag Tad 
Warriors Sept 15th at the border as cross and get their trail thoughts on 
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