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[pct-l] Fwd: [SpiritEagle]Cruising in Cascade Locks - a Spirit Eagle update

>As Kahley has told you, we have finished the PCT through Oregon and are 
>about to embark on the Washington section. Only 508 miles to go.  We 
>aren't in a hurry, except for the usual concern about snow in the North 
>We decided to take an extra day here to just rest, after spending a hectic 
>day yesterday purchasing and mailing out food for the next three weeks.
>This is a nice trail town - small and friendly.  A lot of hikers have been 
>passing through in the last week or so.  Some linger a while, most just 
>dash on by.
>Oregon was good to us, with easy cruising trail, a fair number of lakes, 
>gorgeous waterfalls, some beautiful snow-covered peaks, lots of green 
>forest and huckleberries.  Not much wildlife aside from the birds - a 
>couple of curious owls, soaring osprey and swift falcons. Life is 
>good.  We won't have email access for a while, probably until we're 
>finished, though we'll check out the towns along the way.  We're looking 
>forward to the beauty of Washington and another four weeks of 
>hiking.  We're weary, but still enjoying the life and not in a hurry to 
>finish.  Talk to you later.
>Walk softly,
>Ginny and Jim
>Spirit Eagle
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